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Kudos to business company

Dear Editor: In 2006 I wrote to this paper strongly in support of our school district's business company.

A move for justice - or craven pandering?

The same person who advised Christy Clark to give Harry Bloy a major portfolio in her first cabinet must be the same person who told her that calling for TV coverage of court proceedings against drunken vandals and hooligans would be a good thing.

Trains, noise and condominiums

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the 1987 comedy movie starring Steve Martin and Canadian John Candy, comes to mind when I think of trains, noise and condominiums at New Westminster's Quayside neighbourhood.

A message to the complainers

Dear Editor: I read the editorial column of local papers with amazement and many, many questions. It would appear that several of the same people write these things, and it seems to me they repeat themselves continually.

Holiday plan an effective distraction for B.C

Presumably, the public is meant to assume that the throne speech is a map, an overview of the government's plans to do the business of the people.

More campaign 'dirt'

Dear Editor: Re: City breaks ground for new civic centre, The Record, Sept. 28.

Prioritize spending values

Dear Editor: I am so tired of teacher bashing in this province.

Mr. Wright or Mr. Wrong?

Dear Editor: James Crosty announced his intention to run for mayor on Sept. 9, 2011. Mayor Wayne Wright, in an interview, said the two had nothing in common except that they both lived at the Quay.

Whistling in the dark

Dear Editor: Much has been said, and understandably so, about the rail noise as it affects those living by the Quay. I'd like to make mention of the noise as it affects those a little further on up the tracks.

Liberals counting on 'Christy' brand

The re-branding of the B.C. Liberal Party into the "B.C. Christy" party has officially begun, but one has to wonder whether this is a case of too little, too late. The party now has a new logo that features, in large highlighted letters, "B.C.