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Keep a watchful eye on this watchdog

This week, the provincial government announced the creation of a new auditor general for local government. It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing.

Does Clark hope for more 'quitters'?

The next provincial election is supposedly not until May 2013, but we will have two critical byelections before then - and there could be more. Two B.C.

Fines fall short when workers lose lives

This past week a judge handed down fines totalling $350,000 against two companies and three men involved in the Langley mushroom farm case, where three farm workers died in 2008 and two others suffered brain damage.

Reform is needed

Dear Editor: I am writing to answer your question presented in your editorial, What is the secret ingredient for winners? (Our View, Nov. 23). Well, this is not really a secret.

Voter turnout saddening

Dear Editor: Ingrid Rice's cartoon (The Record, Nov. 23) seems to hit the nail on the head. It is sad that so few partake in their right to vote, so much apathy when there's an opportunity to vote in new faces and fresh ideas.

Tradition has transformed

Dear Editor: Re: Sinterklaas celebration called racist, The Record, Nov. 25. I was surprised to read your article about opposition to the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations at New Westminster Quay.

'Whitewashing' culture

Dear Editor: I was absolutely appalled as I read "Sinterklaas celebration called racist" on the front page of the New Westminster Record (Nov. 26). A cherished event falls under the jackboot of Political Correctness.

Media's focus makes no sense

Dear Editor: Perhaps now that the righteous authorities are cracking down on the terrifying presence of little Occupy movement tent camps on public lands, the people can get back to what our current system demands: spending buckets of money on Christ

Room for traditions - but not for racism

The theory of the cultural mosaic - versus the cultural melting pot - is a point of pride for the vast majority of Canadians.

Dig through bizarre to find good ideas

I get bored with the cars versus bikes argument sometimes. Blah blah two wheels good, etc.