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Winning the bedbug war

DEAR EDITOR: I was very pleased to learn from The Record of Coun. Jaimie McEvoy's call for a bedbug task force. We have seen similar developments to the east led by Ontario and Manitoba. The needs of B.C.

Turnstiles just don't make sense

Dear Editor: Myth vs. Math on transit turnstiles: ? MYTH: Turnstiles stop fare evasion. ? MATH: If fare evasion is only 2.5 per cent, why spend $171 million to recover $6.

New teachers' council is a welcome move

It was long overdue, but that doesn't diminish the fact that a new bill set to replace the current B.C. College of Teachers is a good thing, and Education Minister George Abbott deserves kudos for pulling it together. The new B.C.

Thanks for MP's advice

Dear Editor: Thanks, Dawn Black, for confirming that those I had already crossed off my voting list, most definitely won't make it back on. It makes things a lot easier come voting day. J. White, New Westminster

Misleading over money matters

In terms of sheer magnitude, the monkey business going on with B.C. Hydro's accounting practices may rank as the most misleading financial dodge ever performed by a B.C. government.

Candidates need positive ideas

Dear Editor: I have been a student, participant, and observer of politics all of my adult life.

Will Occupy succeed?

Dear Editor: As the Occupy movement in cities around the world tries to expose the tide of greed and corruption that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor, there seems to be no limit to the perfect people who see the protesters as the villains.

Tweet shouldn't silence letter writer

Dear editor: In response to Record editor Pat Tracy's call for reader input into how The Record should tailor its election coverage, some "twitter litter" suggested that it would be enhanced if The Record ceased to publish my letters.

Will pier park hit budget?

Dear Editor: I question the shell game type of explanations as to the finances behind the pier park "Wayne's Wharf" and whether it will be a whole park, twothirds of a park originally planned or the half wharf we are getting.

Shedding light on ongoing dispute

As co-founder of the Centre of Integration for African Immigrants and as the former program manager of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development-funded program hosted by the centre, I am writing to set the record straight, as per your article wr