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BCTF out of touch with real world

How many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work - with pay - because a friend has died? That type of paid leave is precisely what the B.C.

Who wins with HST?

Dear Editor: The HST is B.C.'s biggest direct tax shift onto seniors, families and small businesses and a gift of billions of dollars, in perpetuity, to large corporations.

With mission over, time to consider future

Canada's war in Afghanistan - the "armed conflict" that no politician or general wanted to label a war - came to an end last week with the transfer of battle command to U.S. units at Ma'sum Ghar.

City paid $82.9M for goods and services in 2010

Municipalities spend money on a wide variety of services to keep their cities running.

Chop down the cottonwoods

Dear Editor: Re: Devastation to local trees, The Record, Letters to the Editor, June 29. Hilda Bechler needs to learn a few things about the trees she's trying to protect. Those cottonwood trees she adores are the weeds of the tree family.

Extreme proposals will alienate public

The endless days of summer don't seem so endless when there's the looming spectre of possible job action in schools come the fall. Members of the B.C.

Honest debated needed for HST

Dear Editor: Re: Trouble with the HST, Letters to the Editor, The Record, July 1. Dave Lundy's rambling rant against the HST is an excellent example of how honest debate about the new tax is being drowned out by NDP political games.

HST bad for small business

Dear Editor: While awaiting the arrival of our HST ballots, we have all been bombarded with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign from the provincial government (paid for with our tax dollars).

HST issue sparks angry temper

I hate making crucial decisions when I'm angry. And I mean really angry, not just upset or a bit miffed.

City should explain high wages

Dear Editor: As a longtime New Westminster resident and taxpayer, I was surprised to again read about the high salaries of city management.