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Voters must decide on mayor's actions

Dear Editor: Re: Wright defends himself, The Record, Sept. 14 The opening salvo in the mayor's "war of words" in the civic election campaign appeared to remind us of the Greek writer/poet Aeschylus who said, "In war, truth is the first casualty.

Mayor's 'visionary' eyesight is failing

Dear Editor: Re: Who's the asteroid, who's the star?, The Record, Sept. 16 If Mr. Wright sees himself as a visionary, he may need to have his eyes tested.

New West needs a positive approach

Dear Editor: An open letter to James Crosty: I believe many people are disenchanted with elections for the exact reason that people running for public office choose to go on a negative attack on the competition instead of presenting a positive positi

Crosty sounds rather crusty

Dear Editor: First, I must say, "lifesyle" is very important when choosing a mayor. James Crosty is playing residents as fools in the Quay neighborhood. Misleading them into his idiotic train calming scheme, that is a pipe dream.

'Nightmare' lives for too many kids

It was the Scooby Doo shorts that did me in. Hearing that a Ismall child had been abducted out of the safety of his own B.C.

Consider the economics

Dear Editor: Re: Trouble ahead for B.C.'s school, In the House, The Record, Sept. 7. Keith, you missed some important information. I would like to add to it. Isn't it amazing that our school teachers don't have any understanding of economics. In B.C.

Who is this Crosty fellow?

Dear Editor Re: 'I think we can do better' - Crosty, The Record, Sept. 9.

Who's overwrought here?

Dear Editor: Re: Let's not canonize Layton yet, Letters to the editor, The Record, Sept. 9.

Time to deal with right-to-die legislation

We wholeheartedly support any initiative that will get Canadians talking about the right of the terminally ill to decide how they might die with dignity. It's an issue that has been circled around and avoided for far too long.

Market says thanks

Dear Editor: Re: Taking the taste-buds for a romp, The Record, Aug. 31. On behalf of the Royal City Farmers Market, I would like thank The Record and Stefania Seccia for such a well-written account of a day at the market.