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Staff - always an easy campaign target

It always happens in a city election.

Library deserves an upgrade

Dear Editor: Let me start with a quiz to readers, if I may. Name, please, three public services traditionally provided by city governments? If you think police and firefighting - you are correct. And the third one? Let me give you a few hints.

Is huge change needed?

Dear Editor: Re: Changes ahead for education system, by Keith Baldrey, The Record, Oct. 12. Every time there's a new government, there are more "sweeping changes.

City is not a business

Dear Editor: Re: On the trail, by Theresa McManus, The Record, Nov. 4.

Candidate 'in it to win it'

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to dispel a continuing rumour regarding my campaign for mayor of New Westminster. I have no idea who this rumour is being spread by or why some people may think it is true.

'Families first' rings hollow

he ongoing train wreck that has become Community Living B.C. is, perhaps more than any other area of government, threatening to shred Premier Christy Clark's so-called "families first" agenda of all credibility.

Why are you in the race?

Dear Editor: An open letter to Vance McFadyen (candidate for mayor): I was one of the people at the all-candidates forum in Queensborough on Oct. 18, and you said something that confused many of us.

What message are we sending to girls?

It was such a mixed message it actually made me laugh out loud. But it wasn't the laughter that stems from amusement or hilarity. More the kind that's combined with a snort and followed by a heavy sigh.

Missing women vs. hockey: No contest

What is wrong with this picture? The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry is hearing evidence suggesting that the police did not take the women's relatives' concerns seriously because the women were prostitutes, police didn't even file reports when fa

City needs to enact new bylaw

Dear Editor: Earlier this year at the United Boulevard Extension meetings, attendees heartily voiced the opinion that the New Westminster municipality should do something about the noise resulting from trains passing through the Sapperton and McBryde