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Get facts straight about 'royal' details, please

Dear Editor: Re: What's the big deal with royal name change, Our View, The Record, Aug. 26.

HST results reveal B.C.'s nature

More than anything, the result of the referendum on the HST shows just how neatly divided this province remains. Our electorate has been known over the years for its polarization.

What's the big deal with royal name change?

What's all the kerfuffle about changing the names of some of Canada's armed forces anyway? If adding "Royal" to the Canadian navy and air force monikers suits the folks who actually wear the uniforms and serve our country so outstandingly well .

NDP: The party that Jack rebuilt

Everybody's talking about Jack this week. I don't want to take away from the accolades and adulation aimed at his huge political achievements. Because his achievements have been huge.

Picking up trash in city leads to costly disposal

Dear Editor: Since I moved to New Westminster in 1989, I have tried to take pride in my neighbourhood.

Crafter disappointed with city

Dear Editor: I read your story, Time to liven up the streets? (The Record, July 29) with a lot of interest. I wish to share a bit more information with you to make your story a bit more human.

Brow-beating unnecessary

Dear Editor: Re: Hells Angels at 12th Street Music Festival, The Record, Aug. 17.

Layton hands the torch to young Canadians

Any good politician knows there are two ways to rally a crowd: with anger, finger-pointing and an us-versus-them battle cry; or, with the promise of better things and a brighter future for those who believe in their collective power to change.

Noise advocates not 'silly'

Dear Editor: Re: Quit the rail-noise whining, Letters to the Editor, The Record, Aug. 17. It is now 2:28 a.m. on Aug. 17 and I am awake because the screeeeeeeeeeeech and "whine" of a train woke me around 2 a.m.

Tensions mounting for the Liberals

This has been a summer of quiet discontent for B.C. Liberals.