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Applause for Wright

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Will TransLink come back and ask for more, Our View, The Record, Oct. 12 As a person who lives and works in New Westminster, I applaud Mayor Wright for having the integrity to vote against raising taxes to pay for the Evergreen Line.

What do you want in election coverage?

Frankly, I'm a bit excited about this year's civic election in New Westminster. There are four, count 'em, four mayoral candidates.

Occupy movement comes to B.C

If the recent Occupy protests sent any kind of message, it is this: Canada is a much more comfortable and safer place to be than most any other country.

Woodlands survivors deserve recognition

The stories that have come out from survivors of Woodlands sound like something from a horror movie, or a historical news reel about a far-flung prisoner-of-war camp: Beatings, children kept in straitjackets, teeth removed without anaesthesia, punish

Woodlands survivor: Thank you

Dear Editor: My name is Carol Picton (maiden name: Wood) and I lived in Woodlands Institute (center block) in New Westminster.

Atkinson gets thumbs up

Dear Editor: I read the letter written to The Record by David Brett (Kudos to business company, Oct. 7) about the school district business company with great interest.

Atkinson's honesty, leadership will be missed

When did civic politics become such a nasty business? We pondered that after finding out that Brent Atkinson, a school trustee for 31 years, has decided not to seek re-election in November. On the one hand, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise.

In defence of the English language

Sometimes I hate the Internet. Oh sure, it's great for finding people who disagree with your every opinion. In the past, getting into arguments required going out and talking to real people.

Numbers didn't tell the whole tale about teachers' salaries

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Taxpayers must pay for teachers' wage increases, Letters to the editor, The Record, Oct. 12.

Saying no to trustee run

DEAR EDITOR: I would like to thank all the individuals who encouraged me to put my name forward as a school trustee for the upcoming election. I have, however, decided not to run.