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B.C. can be a leader

Dear Editor: Climate change expert Mark Jaccard from Simon Fraser University says B.C. is on its way to blowing its emission reduction targets. This concerns me on a number of levels, not the least of which is the fact B.C.

Look into the crystal ball

Dear Editor: We've had a good look back in the pages of The Record at 2011, but I think it's time to look ahead.

If in doubt, offer a seat

Dear Editor: I totally empathize with Josh Bosher (re: Transit tough for the 'invisible disabled', The Record, Dec. 21.) I have osteoarthritis and experience great discomfort standing on the SkyTrain.

Thanks for the night lights

Dear Editor: I would just like to thank all the people who have put up Christmas lights this year. My husband and I go for walks in the evening and enjoy looking at them very much. Last night, my husband took three of our grandchildren to see them.

A heartfelt thanks

Dear Editor: On Dec.

Pleased with smart meters

Dear Editor: More than $100 million worth of electricity is stolen from B.C. Hydro every year, with much of it stolen to power marijuana grow-ops. As an honest B.C.

Court system has its hands tied in B.C

British Columbia's justice system is in crisis. This year, we saw serious cases delayed or thrown out because of a lack of judges to hear them or sheriffs to keep the courtroom safe.

Problems brewing at B.C. Ferries

The problems and challenges facing B.C. Ferries go much deeper than figuring out why some of its fleet keeps slamming into docks at high speed.

2011: A Year in Cartoons

A year in images

Smart meters make sense

Dear Editor: Over the past year, smart meters have been a major topic of discussion in B.C. as B.C. Hydro set about modernizing the province's electrical grid and updating their aging infrastructure.