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Veterinarian deserves recognition

Dear Editor: People rarely write the positive on outstanding veterinary care. We feel strongly justified to recommend Alpine Animal Hospital.

Please, keep the wilderness wild

Flush toilets and hot showers are extra amenities I really appreciate when I head out for a weekend of camping, but even those aren't a must. Now there's talk of providing Wi-Fi. Please.

Back to being nervous in the Lower Mainland

For a while there, it was looking as if the RCMP and Integrated Homicide Investigation Team had everything in hand. In 2009, the first three months of the year were O marked with so many violent incidents they began to blur T together.

Tax problem is a broad one

Dear Editor: The recent and ongoing troubles over the HST reflect an increasing disquiet in the public mind as to the purpose of government.

Criticism of ticket is disgusting

Dear Editor: Re: Beware of parking tickets, Letters to the Editor, The Record, Aug. 3 I am a resident of New Westminster and have been living here for a number of years now, and I am a very law-abiding citizen to my adoptive country.

Soccer situation frustrating

Dear Editor: It has been eight years since I first started playing soccer in New Westminster. Each year has been great in its own way, and many friends have come out of it.

Hydro report gives valuable insight

One of the first thoughts to cross my mind as I read a government panel report of B.C.

Kudos, from Forseth to Black

Dear Editor: I send deserved congratulations and a sincere thank you to Dawn Black upon her retirement.

Wi-Fi in the wilderness? Not in B.C., please

Ahhh, August. Time to pack up the tent, the cooler, the camp stove, the smartphone and laptop and head out into the wilderness. Or . maybe not quite so fast.

Quit the rail-noise whining

Dear Editor: I never stop being amazed when I keep reading about the whine (want some cheese to go with it?) from people who buy homes near railways and yards that have been there for decades, then have the gall to complain about it.