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Festival cancellation unnecessary

Dear Editor: Recently I heard that the Sinterklaas festivities, which are an annual event at the Westminster Quay in New Westminster, have been cancelled due to complaints by the African-Canadian community here in the Lower Mainland.

Finger-pointing won't help Attawapiskat

It's been a month and a half since the leaders of the Attawapiskat reserve in northern Ontario declared a state of emergency.

Will upbeat mood last for NDP?

The confidence and unity that has been building in the NDP was on full public display at the party's convention this past weekend, and the gathering served as a coming-out party of sorts for leader Adrian Dix.

Huge thanks for fire crews

Dear Editor: I would like to say a huge "thank you" to the fire department here in New Westminster. On the morning of Dec. 10 at 7 a.m., they attended a fire in the laundry room of the Sapperton apartment where we live.

Wage policy isn't working

Dear Editor: On Oct. 29, the provincial Minister of Labour announced an increase in the general minimum wage on Nov. 1 to $9.

Labour offered up big money

Dear Editor: Re: Why did Crosty lose?, Letters to the editor, The Record, Nov. 23, by Scott Larsen. Anyone who seriously wonders how most of the incumbents won the election, apparently so handily, should take a look at the financial statements.

Stoners need a better argument

I once spoke to an RCMP officer who works with teenagers, and she rolled her eyes and described the stupid arguments that she hears about pot.

Nature won't wait while we keep stalling

It's been a tough week for the human race. As officials from the world's nations gather in the sunny resort town of Durban, South Africa, the consensus is that nothing will be done to avert or even lessen the effects of climate change.

Financial woes will continue to worsen

The B.C. government continues to spend gargantuan amounts of money, but the source of much of that money is steadily drying up. As a result, the B.C. Liberals face some stark choices: forget balancing the budget, cut spending or raise taxes.

Intention versus effects in 'Black Peter' controversy

Dear Editor: What seems to be at issue in this debate around Black Peter is a failure to acknowledge and understand distinctions that need to be made between racist intent and racist impact.