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'Impossible' ironies of B.C. political life

A new book on a pivotal time in B.C. history is an excellent guide for how a government can ensure it won't survive, no matter how good its intentions.

Family Day? Let's not forget child poverty

The first official B.C. Family Day statutory holiday is on Feb. 11, 2013. Chances are most of us will be putting our feet up watching TV, going shopping, or taking off to the ski slopes for fun-filled break.

Care for those who need it

Dear Editor: As always, Nov. 11 is a special day in the lives of so many of us who pause to reflect, remember and thank the courageous women and men who sacrificed for us and gave us this safe country in which we can be free.

Current school board may be worse than previous boards

Dear Editor: The continued politicking at the New Westminster school board table is a distraction that's used up too much time and energy among our elected trustees.

Carefully consider agendas and intent

Jane Sterk's column (Time running out to voice opinions, In My Opinion, The Record, Nov. 9) casts a critical spotlight on the current proposed investment treaty between Canada and China.

Mayor should resign his seat

Dear Editor: The current mayor of New Westminster is quoted as saying "You've got losers all the time in life who keep looking for things to throw stones at . their information is too wrong for me to let it go too much longer." (Re: BCBusiness, Oct.

Transit possibilities

Dear Editor: Transit should operate on a for profit basis and its prices should closely reflect market forces - even if it means that transit fares increase.

Not a very good week for Christy Clark

One has to feel for Premier Christy Clark, no matter what one's political affiliations may be. In one week she was faced with a former Liberal MLA, John van Dongen, yet again, demanding an investigation into the 2003 sale of B.C.

Who is the loser?

Dear Editor: Re: Bullying and intimidation, Letters to the Editor, The Record, Nov. 9. Mayor Wayne Wright's disgraceful attitude toward those that question and challenge him is well known.

Plenty to applaud in cancer screening plan

Every once in a while, governments do something right. And any time they do something that fights cancer, it's got to be right.