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Don't count out Joyce Murray

Joyce Murray is driven - and that's not a bad thing. The current Vancouver MP, and former New Westminster MLA, has thrown her hat into the federal Liberal leadership race and those who underestimate her may be surprised.

ER trip leads to anger

Dear Editor: Recently I had the displeasure to go to the emergency at the Royal Columbian Hospital. However, I was not impressed. I was in severe pain and it showed. The first person I met was the admitting clerk. She was very cold and rude.

What a waste of money

Dear Editor: I understand that we are paying for a trip to New York (area) for various New Westminster "officials." According to media reports, the committee will be heading there to get information about handling a disaster like superstorm Sandy.

Children: wisdom far beyond their years

Adults, unfortunately, don't often listen to children. And, also unfortunately, when they do, they aren't always great listeners. It's a shame, because what children can tell us is incredibly valuable.

B.C. election is fast approaching

Election nights are usually exciting events and next spring's provincial contest should be no exception.

Why put up with Liberals?

Dear Editor: I deeply resent being bombarded with Premier Christie Clark's $15 million TV propaganda campaign. Every B.C.

Election coverage highlights problems

Mainstream media in Canada has long been a stagnating swamp. For those who were quite sure - even as far back as 15 or 20 years ago - that it could not possibly get any worse I have bad news: it has. I am not talking here about mere disagreement.

Taxpayer money went to anti-Dix website

Politics in the B.C. Legislature have become toxic. That has been perhaps Christy Clark's most astute observation since becoming premier at her party's behest a year-and-a-half ago.

Residential plan not right

Dear Editor: Re: City considers office conversion policy, The Record, Oct. 21.

New approach needed at district

Dear Editor: The continued politicking at the New Westminster school board table is a distraction that's used up too much time and energy among our elected trustees.