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B.C. can't escape global economy

The B.C.

Let's start talking about geothermal energy

If geothermal energy is the answer to Canada's future energy needs, we should at least know that by now. But 100 years after the world's first commercial geothermal power plant was built in Italy in 1911, we don't.

Costly bill a shocking sight

Dear Editor: I am a senior, and I would like to share a frustrating and costly mistake I made while shopping at the Royal City Centre mall. I arrived early for a 9: 30 a.m. dentist appointment and parked in the underground lot.

Job plan worth the wait

Dear Editor: Premier Christy Clark may have had to wait to launch her jobs plan, but it's been well worth waiting for. Especially the announcement of funding to help get Phase 1 of the Prince Rupert port expansion underway.

NDP walking a fine line with Quebec

The recent visit to B.C. of federal NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp served as a reminder that the sudden success of the party at the national level presents a potential downside for the provincial wing.

Speeding fines laughable

Dear Editor: Re: Fines just don't cut it; seize their cars, Our View, The Record, Sept. 21 Regarding your editorial on road-racing: I know a young man who tried out his old BMW at night alone and was caught at double the speed limit.

Praise is over the top

Dear Editor: A recent letter (Wright gets the job done, The Record, Sept.

Attack ads show Liberal fear of Cummins

"Just what we need, another unprincipled politician." That line was aimed like a dagger at the heart of the B.C. Conservative Party. But it may be more like a boomerang, coming back to smack the ruling provincial Liberals.

Attacks not needed

Dear Editor: A letter to James Crosty: I believe many people are disenchanted with elections for the exact reason that people running for public office choose to go on a negative attack on the competition instead of presenting a positive position on

What is mayor's opinion?

Dear Editor: In response to the announcement that he will be challenged for the mayor's office, as quoted in the recent news article, it is unclear if Wayne Wright truly has an appalling homophobic attitude or, if not, his base comments are a reflect