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Letter: Belmont parklet plan is good, but is it time to restrict tobbaco sales?

New West resident supports efforts to enhance Belmont parklet but wants tobacco sales restricted
While these fellows recently enjoyed a chat and coffee at the Belmont parklet, some folks smoke in this non-smoking space - and toss their cigarette butts on the ground.


Re: Belmont parklet

I've been reading the letters people been writing. I am someone who enjoys the parklet. I don't enjoy the people who drive the wrong way, so I look forward to seeing the parklet expanded into a plaza (removing vehicular through put) that was shown during the public outreach.

I do agree the smoking is an issue, but seating was only provided for non-smoking and not the smokers. How about, instead of destroying the parklet or discriminating on who enjoys the parklet, we as a progressive city, finally do what’s right and restrict the sale of tobacco. Make it just as hard to buy as weed is. Society as a whole has had solid evidence for 20+ years on how badly smoking is, yet we've done nothing to restrict its use.

Shane Griffin