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Letter: You don't get a say over who uses the Belmont parklet

It's a public space, so the public gets to use it, this writer says.
The public parklet at Belmont and Sixth is just that: public — and you don't get to choose who uses it, this writer says.


This (writer) wants to defund and censure our city-endorsed community space. If she wants to pick who enters the space, that is discriminatory and she would have to own that space.

We are very lucky. Many cities don't even have places like this to freely assemble because the public space was sold to developers. So if you don't like smokers, move to Langley or something. Many big-box-store strip malls have a Starbucks for your imaginary hot soccer moms and single dads.

Sorry, only real people over here just sitting and talking, maybe exchanging views, or someone is enjoying their coffee and cigarette.

Dylan MacIntosh