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Letter: I'm dreading the expansion of the Belmont parklet. Here's why.

This resident says it's a "vanity project" and not a neighbourhood space.
The parklet at the corner of Belmont and Sixth streets is due for a refresh as part of the City of New Westminster's uptown streetscape improvements — but this letter writer isn't thrilled about the idea of expanding the parklet.


I live in one of the apartment buildings directly adjacent to the parklet and my unit faces Belmont. I am absolutely dreading the expansion of the parklet unless the city commits to enforcing smoking and noise bylaws and making it a part of regular police patrols.

The parklet is occupied daily by the same 15 to 20 individuals who stand around smoking marijuana, swearing and yelling at each other, playing loud music, revving and idling their car engines and spitting on the ground.

The city pretends that it cares about community consultation, but this is clearly a vanity project that's going to look great on someone's resumé while the residents of Belmont suffer. Myself and my neighbours feel absolutely abandoned by the city and our very valid concerns ignored. 

Stephanie Lau

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