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Letter: Belmont parklet is an unpleasant waste of New West's money

It's become a congregation area for "loud, noisy, swearing smokers," this writer says.
The Belmont parklet as it looked in 2016. In 2023, it's not a pleasant place to sit, thanks to "loud, swearing, smoking men" who congregate there, a writer says.


The parklet isn’t a pleasant place to sit, what with the same noisy smokers shouting and swearing amongst themselves. Let’s be honest: these people are men — the same ones every day.

The city planners probably envisioned groups of two or three people relaxing with a coffee or tea, chatting quietly — a lovely blend of men and women, or a mum and/or dad having a brief rest with their children. Sadly, the reality is that no self-respecting man or woman, parent or otherwise, would dare to sit in an environment where loud, swearing, smoking men are congregated.

For that reason, it’s a waste of money, and besides that, it disturbs the traffic flow.

Interestingly, the one in Sapperton seems to work. I’ve seen singular men and women, couples, family groups enjoying a quiet chat and/or beverage — not sure why the one in Sapperton seems to enhance, but the one at Belmont Towers is a congregation area for loud, noisy, swearing smokers. These people, generally men, always hung around there on the sidewalk anyway — in the alcove of Belmont Towers and up by Tim Hortons.

One might conclude the city did Belmont Towers a favour by moving these poor stray men from clogging up the entrance to their building, by constructing a fancy parklet to entice them away, unless it rains, that is — then they’re back to the alcove!

Susan Johnson

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