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Letter: Parklet problems? Easy solution — just get rid of it

The Belmont parklet just isn't worth it for this letter writer. Here's why.
Driver aggravation at the corner of Sixth Street and Belmont, by the crosswalk, disturbs the peace for people who'd like to enjoy the parklet, this writer says.


Regarding the public seating area outside the Tim Hortons, the bigger issue is the cars that are congested on Sixth Street because of the closed lane for this seating area. Families wouldn't want to sit there due to the drivers yelling at the crosswalk and people swearing at drivers crossing the crosswalk.

It would be better to open up the lane and improve traffic flow. Currently there is a seating area outside the New Westminster Public Library and Dairy Queen one block away.

A whole lane is taken away, and cars are backed up all the way to Moody Park during rush hour. The noise of honking and people's aggressive attitude being stuck in traffic after these seating areas were built have possibly had a bigger impact.

Families and single people who really want to relax or talk have coffee shops, Moody Park and Queen's Park all within walking distance. So my opinion on the matter would be to remove those seating areas.

Dave Santos