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Pickleball grows in popularity

Pickleball grows in popularity

Sport keeps Royal City seniors running on the court at Century House

Entertainers in the city

We often think of New Westminster in the 1860s as being a long way from the major cities of North America and the world. This is, in the context of that time, absolutely correct.

Travel ideas abound

O ctober is an excellent month to indulge your travel bug at the New Westminster Public Library. A new season of the monthly travel show starts in October.

Be cautious with comfrey in garden

QUESTION: The medicinal plant comfreys are taking over our septic field. Are these good for something? Virve Martinoff, Langley ANSWER Comfrey is a hugely nutritious accelerant that helps compost decompose very fast.

Voice of the Canucks

While many a Canuck fan experienced heart palpitations during the team's recent run to the Stanley Cup finals, a man who was close to the action was dealing with a real heart condition.
PHOTOS: Artists on the River

PHOTOS: Artists on the River

Grow your own garlic for use throughout winter

People who love using garlic in recipes but are shocked at its cost in winter need to know that growing their own cloves is very doable, even in a small space.

Royal City church finds new life

Renovation, new minister among changes as Queens Avenue United looks to a new and brighter future

Ambassadors wanted

The Hyack Festival Association is urging young women to consider its popular ambassador program. Hyack ambassador applications are now available for young women aged 16 to 19.

Live mindfully to give each day meaning

Most of us are pretty sure that we know what we are thinking about any given subject and at any time of the day . at least when we're awake.