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Union workers are there for New Westminster students

Dear Editor: As the students of New Westminster School District are off enjoying the summer break, CUPE members feel it's time to reflect on the past year and prepare for September.

In defence of the royal couple

Dear Editor: Re: All royal, all the time, this week in Canada, Our View, The Record, July 6.

Be honest about affiliation

DEAR EDITOR: While reading Judy Darcy's letter in your July 8 edition (re: HST bad for business, Letters to the Editor, The Record) I was struck not by her letter's blatant inaccuracies and misleading statements about the HST, but rather by who Judy

Jerks: A handicap of too much ego

We all have handicaps. Not a one of us is perfect. Some handicaps are more obvious than others, and some handicaps make life more difficult than others. For most of us, our handicaps are relatively minor.

So who exactly deserves better pay?

Dear Editor: Re: Keith Baldrey's In The House column of July 13.

Common sense to keep HST

Dear Editor: I was surprised to read Judy Darcy's letter where she implies that small businesses are against the HST (re: HST bad for small business, Letter to the Editor, The Record, July 8.) This is the complete opposite of my own experience.

Park protection a priority for all people

It's been a modest celebration so far, but an important one - and this weekend, the public has the chance to take part. Since January, Parks Canada has been quietly celebrating their centennial.

Don't let bad politics block art

Dear Editor: Re: Turning iconic photo into public art, The Record, July 8. Dear Coun.

BCTF out of touch with real world

How many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work - with pay - because a friend has died? That type of paid leave is precisely what the B.C.

Who wins with HST?

Dear Editor: The HST is B.C.'s biggest direct tax shift onto seniors, families and small businesses and a gift of billions of dollars, in perpetuity, to large corporations.