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The major fault line in BC's earthquake insurance regulations

Dear Editor: While any damage from Fridays earthquake that struck southwestern British Columbia is likely minor, the quake is a reminder of a potential problem for many British Columbians: the split nature of earthquake insurance as set out under pro

Chorus of disapproval over Campbell award

What were they thinking? Giving Gordon Campbell the Order of B.C. may be the most misplaced accolade since Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

Let's not canonize Layton yet

Dear Editor: Re: NDP: The party that Jack rebuilt, The Record, Aug. 26.

In praise of utter uncoolness

Ah, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. I can hear it from here, as a poll is released showing that Canadians are the fourth-leastcool people on the planet.

Student debt untenable

DEAR EDITOR: This week students are heading back to school at a cost. After 25 years of federal cuts to education, the share of university operating budgets funded by tuition fees has more than doubled, leaving the average B.C.

Loss of 'gifts' to city

DEAR EDITOR: RE: How will council be remembered?, Letter to the Editor, The Record, Sept. 2.

No election, but the path ahead is murky

B.C.'s fixed-election-date law has always been a gimmick. The law sets a date, but also allows a premier to call an election whenever he or she feels the time is right.

Trouble ahead for B.C.'s schools

The school year is beginning with more uncertainty and tension than in recent years, and the teachers and the government are both to blame for that.

Toot and screech continues

Dear Editor: There is no substantial reason for the noise dispute between sleep-deprived Quayside residents and the railroads to rumble, toot and screech in the same old way. As I wrote in a letter some months ago, the Southern Railway of B.C.

On Labour Day, consider modern workplace

These days, we tend to take the eight hour work day for granted.