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Thank you, Dawn Black

Dear Editor: I send deserved congratulations and a sincere thank you to Dawn Black upon her retirement.

Follow the rainbow to an inclusive city

Dig out your high heels and join the party. New West Pride 2011 is on this weekend, with this year's theme of "Follow the Rainbow.

Wanted: A real fix for the world economy

Hey, remember three years ago, when the stock market was in free fall, Europe's finances were looking shaky, and any government help was uncertain at best? Welcome to 2008, Part 2.

Thanks to Royal Columbian

Dear Editor: Our overloaded health-care system and professionals often get undeserved criticism. A vast majority of the professionals working in our health-care system are very hard-working and caring individuals.

Watchdog to monitor municipal spending

Municipal governments and the tax dollars they spend have been thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks, and they are about to discover that scrutiny of their dealings is going to increase significantly.

Clarifying the details

Dear Editor: Re: Early detection helps fight oral cancer, The Record, Aug. 3. First off I would like to thank The Record for this well-written article on the importance of early detection.

Norwegian group grieving

Dear Editor: Sons of Norway is a fraternal organization primarily composed of immigrants or descendants of Norway or people who feel connected to or associated with Norwegians, and the purpose of the organization is to promote the culture and traditi

'Magic box' isn't valid

Dear Editor: Suddenly, the right-wing Fraser Institute pushes out an HST study that aligns with its agenda of ever-decreasing taxes.

Thumbs up, thumbs down

Dear Editor: My husband and I were somewhat disappointed in the 12th Street Festival on Sunday.

Onus is on men

Dear Editor: While Rose Bernard is entitled to her opinion (Clothes send a message, Letters to the Editor, The Record, July 29), I wish to correct her on one point. The onus to prevent male on female assault, sexual or otherwise, is not on women.