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Letter: Belmont parklet has been taken over by 'aggressive' smokers

It's not the family-friendly space it was envisioned to be, this resident says.
The city needs to police smoking in uptown New Westminster's Belmont Street parklet, this writer says.


Re: You don't get a say over who uses the Belmont parklet

This space is supposed to be a family-friendly designated non-smoking space for everyone to enjoy, but is has been taken over by smokers who think their addiction to nicotine gives them the right to not clean up after themselves, in addition to conducting themselves in an aggressive, loud manner.

Honestly, most people would be willing to look the other way if someone is smoking a cigarette while talking to friends, but the problem is people that hang out there for hours and leave messes.

The city should also share responsibility for not enforcing the non-smoking rule at this location.

Lisa Finnigan