Why Dr. Stuart Katz wants to see his patients less

Even with today’s modern dentistry practices, some patients still harbour fears about being in the dentist’s chair. Ironically, by delaying a regular check-up or ignoring a recurring toothache, they allow the issue to become something that requires more time in the chair. ““Prevention is key,” says Dr. Stuart Katz from his office in Burnaby Square.  “It keeps little problems from becoming big, expensive, painful problems.”

After 20 years practicing, Dr. Katz knows that frequent check-ups and careful at-home care solve most dental issues before they even start. He empathizes with patients, hoping to ease their anxiety. Otherwise, patients might wait until there’s a problem before receiving adequate treatment and advice. Dr. Katz and his team of hygienists are “very approachable,” taking time to thoroughly analyse each patient’s situation, create a relevant course of treatment, and help the patient to continue treating themselves once home.

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Alas, Dr. Katz understands that even the kindest words cannot calm a very nervous patient. “We can certainly offer sedation to help patients relax,” he says. The team’s non-invasive sedation technique uses a gas mask and lasts only as long as they’re in the chair. “Our patients can drive themselves home after the procedure,” he says.

Unfortunately, Dr. Katz and his team cannot save every tooth. They also offer a number of progressive options to replace lost teeth. The team are recognized as one of the best practices for dental implant treatments. While the Dr. and his team hope to avoid lost teeth, they’re ready with the proper tools to get their patient’s mouths—and lives—back on-track.

Ready to book that long-awaited appointment? Call Dr. Stuart Katz at 604-524-9596, visit his website or email info@drkatz.ca. Of course, Dr. Katz can also be found on Facebook.

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