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Here’s where you can find the perfect injury support products to help your recovery

Royal City Health & Manual Therapy now stocks a range of wrist, elbow, knee and ankle supports
Pain and mobility issues should never be accepted as part of your daily life.

Looking for physiotherapy in New Westminster?

Look no further than Royal City Health & Manual Therapy, a massage and physiotherapy clinic that is a top choice for both doctors and patients.

Now to help its clients with pain and injury management, the clinic is offering a range of bracing and supports for chronic and acute injuries of the wrist, elbow, knee and ankle, as well as shoulder and postural supports.

“Anyone recovering from surgery, ligament sprains, tears and ruptures, chronic joint pain as well as those suffering from osteoarthritis would benefit from these supports,” partner and head therapist Rick Tkach says.

Tkach has been practicing massage therapy since 1990 and has always had an interest in working with athletes and sports teams. He has been the massage therapist for the Canadian Wrestling Team since 2000 and is also the massage therapist for several nationally ranked track and distance runners.

Royal City Health & Manual Therapy stocks support products in a range of styles and sizes, and guides and encourages its clients to try on products to determine which is the right fit for their lifestyle.

“Special orders are also available,” Tkach says.

For those with more active lifestyles or who wish to continue pursuing their sport but need extra support, custom knee braces are available.

Bracing and supports are covered by some extended medical plans, and it’s worth inquiring with your health insurance provider whether they will contribute to the cost of the braces.

The team at Royal City Health & Manual Therapy believes that pain and mobility issues should never be just accepted as part of your daily life. They provide individualized, custom treatment to help patients get moving comfortably.

They also offer morning and evening hours for your convenience so you can take steps to living a comfortable and pain-free life.

To learn more about the products and services offered by Royal City Health & Manual Therapy, visit