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Three reasons why you would benefit from seeing a dietitian

Optimize your health with dietitian services from Royal City Health & Manual Therapy

Registered dietitian Rolande Barbon’s desire to pursue her profession sprouted from an early love of cooking and working with people.

“From the time I was a teenager, I was always excited to learn about how the delicious foods I liked to cook nourished my body,” she says.

Barbon graduated from the University of British Columbia and began her career working in acute care hospitals providing nutrition care to diverse patient populations.

From acute care, she transitioned to providing nutrition counselling to families and individuals, as well as facilitating workshops and classes.

Barbon now offers her services in conjunction with the team at Royal City Health & Manual Therapy, which works to help every patient achieve a comfortable and pain-free life.

“My wide range of experience has provided me with a first-hand understanding of the important role nutrition plays in healing, harmony, and overall health and well-being,” Barbon says.

“I am passionate about helping families grow well, play well and live well. I believe that the foundation for feeling great comes from nourishing our bodies with food that we love. I pride myself on always providing evidence-based, sound nutrition advice while preserving the pleasure of eating.”

Here are three reasons why you might benefit from seeing a dietitian:

Get the best dietary advice for you

Seeing a dietitian is the best way to get sound, personalized advice on food and lifestyle choices that can affect your health. From digestive issues to allergies to nutrition related health conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol a dietitian will work with you to address your needs and achieve your health goals.

Foster a healthy relationship with food

Whether you are struggling with emotional eating or want to be healthier and have better energy, a dietitian can help you achieve a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

Optimize your health

A dietitian can help you optimize your health through all life stages, from helping parents raise healthy eaters to eating well as you get older, a dietitian can partner with you and provide individualized nutrition throughout your lifespan.

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