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Emotions run high when families break down. Depending on how things are handled, there can be long-term, negative consequences for those involved.
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Emotions run high when families break down. Depending on how things are handled, there can be long-term, negative consequences for those involved.

They key to minimizing the emotional stress and coming up with the best possible outcome for all involved? Expert legal advice and sensitive, fair-minded handling of the situation, says lawyer Andrew Liggett of SEA TO SKY LAW.

“People tend to enter relationships with rose-tinted glasses, whether it’s a business partnership or a spousal partnership,” Andrew explains. “When things break down, people often do not want to talk about it… but talking about hard issues is the best way to figure them out.”

SEA TO SKY LAW has been helping clients from White Rock to Whistler resolve disputes in the best manner possible for twenty-five years. They have extensive experience advising clients on a variety of family law matters including:

  • desk order divorces
  • separation and divorce proceedings
  • child support for children under the age 19 (as well as over the age of 19)
  • spousal support
  • child guardianship and parenting arrangements
  • property and debt resolution
  • wealth and asset protection
  • drafting separation agreements
  • drafting settlement offers
  • screening for family violence
  • mediation services.

And it’s their experience that allows them to effectively support their clients at what is often the worst time in their lives.

“Separation agreements are the most important part of the process,” says Andrew. “They give the client something to refer to and create a starting point for the discussion that follows. Essentially, you’re confirming what the facts are today. You’re agreeing on what everyone is talking about — a blue Honda, not a red truck, for example—and you’re confirming the facts the parties agreed to, which form the basis of the agreement.”

Of course, then there are the ‘what-ifs.’ In other words, if things go sideways, how is the dispute going to be resolved?

“We try to avoid court litigation whenever possible and the separation agreement is a part of that,” says Andrew. “Not only is going to court very expensive, but it can be stressful on all the parties involved.”

While, the whole process can be daunting at the outset for clients, the seasoned family law specialists at SEA TO SKY LAW  are there to guide clients past the worry.

“We are very experienced in the area of family law and highly sensitive to the client’s needs and circumstance,” Andrew says. “We are also highly experienced in the area of common law relationships and update ourselves continually with different case law interpretations of the new 2013 Family Law.”

Clients of SEA TO SKY LAW also have an opportunity to receive AIR MILES® Reward Miles.

For more advice on family law matters, contact SEA TO SKY LAW by visiting their website, giving them a call at 778-728-0208 or emailing them.

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