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Profiles of Excellence: UR Wellness

From ancient philosophy to modern medicine, the connection between the mind and body has long fascinated us – and shaped our lives.
UR Wellness
Penny Hyndman, Owner

From ancient philosophy to modern medicine, the connection between the mind and body has long fascinated us – and shaped our lives.

For Penny Hyndman, tapping into that connection to help people find healing, health, and renewed energy has become her life’s purpose.

Hyndman uses a variety of techniques to help her clients improve their well being at her New Westminster-based clinic, UR Wellness. This includes neurofeedback – or brain training – along with a variety of other tools to help people with a wide spectrum of needs including pain and stress management, performance enhancement, emotional support and general wellness. “Simply put, I provide stress management services to help you maintain balance in your life,” she said. “Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth and I find brain training is the quickest route to get to the physical and emotional imbalances.”

Hyndman was drawn to health care early in life thanks to a passion for caring for others, and spent many years working as a nurse. “My hospital nursing career brought me deep meaning and joy,” she said. “I loved acting as a teacher, an advocate and a caregiver for my patients.”

But when a back injury forced her to leave her much loved vocation, she discovered bio- and neurofeedback.

“It transformed my life. It brought resilience to my nervous system and body. I felt calmer, more at peace, my muscle tension released, and most importantly, my sleep improved,” she said. Her chronic pain and physical discomfort lessened. Over time, she also found that it helped her let go of negative emotional patterns, such as perfectionism and poor self image, and improved her energy and self confidence.

The impact was so profound, she was quickly drawn to learn more. “I started working in one of Vancouver’s biofeedback clinics, and sought out mentors in the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback, both nationally and internationally. I was like a sponge.”

She also provides services in craniosacral therapy, reflexology, and other specialities, drawing on a blend of holistic western approaches and eastern healing methods to help create highly personalized approaches for each client based on their unique lives and needs. “My philosophy of health care is based on the principle that health is innate, or in other words, that it comes from within,” she said. “Our bodies are self-regulating, nonlinear systems capable of self healing. When interference such as stress, trauma, infection and toxicity is removed, your body can express its own healing potential and balance so equilibrium is obtained. My role is to create a healing environment and provide your body with accurate information so it can shift and heal itself.”

The clinic name is itself a reflection of this belief, she explains, noting that the U stands for “you” and the R for “are.” “You are wellness. It’s a philosophy that we are actively in the process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy fulfilling life.”

Her reputation has grown through word-of-mouth recommendations, a reflection of the positive and powerful experiences clients have had. “I like to think I am changing the world one brain at a time,” she said.

Though Hyndman works with individual clients through her Eighth Street office, she also works with a variety of organizations, such as addiction centres and nursing homes. As well, she offers complimentary brain training sessions for veterans and first responders, a unique area of care that grew out of her clinical work helping veterans with PTSD through the Together We Can program in Vancouver.

“It’s my way of giving back to those providers who care for others.”

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