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Having been in real estate for 16 years now, Darcy – head of ReThink Real Estate Group – understands market shifts and the highs and lows of the industry.

She got her start in 2004, and then saw her business boom in the low market of 2008, because it offered so many deals for young buyers. This last year has seen a similar shift and provided an opportunity for Darcy and her team at ReThink to refocus on being the best in three key areas: service, presentation, and all things New Westminster.

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Darcy says her priority is always to do the best for the client no matter what the market is doing: working harder and giving more to help people seize unique opportunities, whether it’s to move to another city, to downsize or upsize, or to invest.

“All market dips are when the bravest and often richest people on the planet make their moves,” she said. “This is a time when you need a highly intelligent agent or team working for you. Someone who knows the numbers, how to present a home to a specific market, rental vacancy rates, trends and can offer inhouse staging like ReThink can.”

In practical terms that means the team has the capacity to take a listing from “zero to 100” in 48 hours, with in-house staging that allows them to work directly with a variety of tradespeople, gardeners, photographers, and more to create the best presentation for a sale.

“Challenging markets are just that – a challenge. Having happy clients who believe in their move in this market is a win,” she said. “There are no losses, just strong informed lateral moves, or gains when it’s a choice.”

For Darcy and her team, there’s no better place than New Westminster to be in business.

“We believe in the city, our heritage, our houses, our people, our community, our spirit and tradition – that’s what ReThink Real Estate Group is all about,” she said. “Highs or lows, this is still New West and we are a boom town regardless.”

No matter what comes, and no matter how the market or the city changes, there’s one constant that has always shaped Darcy’s approach: providing excellence in client care, on every level and helping each person through the process with whatever unique needs they have.

“You have to be ahead of what’s going on, where is the market going, what do people want and need,” she said. “That varies from year to year, from client to client, so it’s a constant re-evaluation. We’re always asking ourselves what else can we do, what can we do different, what can we do better? But no matter what, it’s always about the client. Always. This business is really about doing the right thing and helping however you can.”

Most of ReThink’s new clients come from word-of-mouth referrals, which is gratifying for Darcy and her team.

“There are lots of options in this industry and if someone recommends you, it’s because you did what you set out to do for them,” she said “I want my customers to feel total contentment about the work we did for them.”

Focusing on others is a philosophy that doesn’t just apply to customers, but to her team, her family and her community.

“At the end of the day, it’s about people. People come first, whether it’s your customers, your colleagues, your family, your neighbours. When you put people first, the rest falls into place.”

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