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Profiles of Excellence: Magnum Construction Services

For Magnum Construction, the relationship between their team and their clients has always been a top priority
Mai Eilia and Yosef Pharaon. Photo via Magnum Construction Services.

The heart of a business is people—on both sides of the equation.

For Magnum Construction, the relationship between their team and their clients has always been a top priority. This focus has helped the local business develop an incredible reputation since they first opened their doors just a few short years ago.

“That relationship and connection is so important,” says Yosef Pharaon, who co-owns Magnum Construction with business partner Mai Eilia. “That’s what really matters: the trust that you build with a client. Because the end goal is not profit, it’s a satisfied client who will be excited about the work you did and recommend you to others.”

Pharaon says that their dedication to integrity, honesty and excellence in all aspects of business—from client care to building expertise—has been a touchstone since the beginning.

“That’s always been a focus for us,” he says. It’s a philosophy that has allowed them to see year-over-year growth even in a year like 2020, in which COVID-19 has had such significant global impacts.

“Our homes are so important to us, and this year people are in their homes a lot more than usual,” he says. “So people are looking around and deciding, hey, if we’re not going to be travelling and we’re not going to be doing other things, let’s do something with our space.” That’s meant a steady flow of new clients all year long, many of whom want extensive updates that include everything from kitchens, to bedrooms, to bathrooms, to decks—and much, much more.

Magnum’s focus on general construction, teaming up with subcontractors who are specialists in their unique fields, has allowed them to offer a wide spectrum of services for projects of all sizes, in all parts of the home. And though the pandemic has created challenges in supply chains, Pharaon says they’ve been able to plan ahead with their projects, bypassing potential problems.

“That’s a large focus for us: making sure we have the work flow planned and everything lined up and ready to go so that we are meeting those deadlines,” he says.

“Communication is key: keeping everyone in the loop, clients, staff, trades people. We have to be on top of everything at all times.”

That’s a goal that requires both hands-on expertise and behind-the-scenes organization—a balance that’s reflected in the management of Magnum.

Eilia, who founded the company, serves as project manager—relying on her talent for communication and business know-how—while Pharaon serves as main site supervisor, using his years of industry experience and his passion for construction.

Their combined dedication is evident in the company’s portfolio of stunning before-and-afters that show not just their skill and expertise, but also their passion for the industry.

“We really love what we do. When you finish a project and you see how happy and satisfied the client is, or you get feedback from them, or see the review they post online, it’s amazing,” Pharaon says. “That’s what it’s all about.”

This year, the company was a finalist for the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award with the Small Business BC Awards.

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