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Profiles of Excellence: Magnum Construction

A good business is able to blend expertise with business savvy. A great business also has talent, integrity, and vision.
Magnum Construction
Yosef Pharaon and Mai Eilia

A good business is able to blend expertise with business savvy. A great business also has talent, integrity, and vision. But the best businesses – the ones that will become industry leaders - combine all of those qualities with a special passion and dedication that simply sets them apart.

Such is the case for Magnum Construction Services, who have managed to garner an impressive reputation and a booming business in just a few short years since opening their doors.

Mai Eilia is the founder and project manager for Magnum, and her partner Yosef Pharaon the main site supervisor. Mai’s skill for organization, communication, and business know-how are matched by Yosef’s long-time industry experience and innate talent for construction. Together, their efforts are helping them to build their dream: to become the go-to local general contractor in the Royal City and beyond.

“We do everything in general construction,” explained Yosef. “Kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, finding unused space in a home and turning it into something beautiful and useful. It’s a wide spectrum.”

The company offers home visits and free consultations to help potential customers discuss what they want and need, along with their budget.

“Sometimes people know exactly what they want and we can come in and do that for them by organizing all of the steps, all of the pieces of that project, whether it’s lining up tradespeople or sourcing the materials,” he said. “Other times, a customer isn’t sure what they want. I can come in and visualize the space and give some ideas.”

Mai coordinates the front-end of the business, ensuring that customer communication is a priority.

“That’s a very important aspect for us – that we communicate with the client at every step,” said Yosef. “Reliability and trustworthiness are really key for us, and we take that very seriously. We really do pride ourselves on our communication at every step.”

Yosef says he grew up watching his dad doing similar work and it ingrained a lifelong work ethic in him.

“Growing up I was always working with my dad. I was the kid that was being woken up on Saturday morning and he’s say ok let’s go to work and off we’d go,” he says with a laugh. “It probably didn’t seem fun all the time, but I learned a lot and that has stayed with me. You get the job done and you do it right.”

It’s a motto that could describe Magnum’s approach today. Their focus on excellence has already garnered rave reviews from clients who have been blown away by the level of care and attention to detail. As well, they were nominated by Small Business BC for the Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year award.

“It’s an incredible feeling when you have a client you’ve been working with and the job is finished and you’re about to leave and they’re just looking at the work you’ve done and they’re so happy with everything,” said Yosef. “More than money, more than any kind of success, when you see a client that is happy and satisfied, that’s what it’s all about. You know you’ve done a good job that you can be proud of.”

Mai notes that the company also offers seniors’ discounts and do renovations to help improve accessibility and function for seniors in their homes. And while the pair say they hope to see Magnum continue to grow and expand in the future, their primary goal is to build on their reputation by continuing to focus on excellence with each and every customer.

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