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Profiles of Excellence: Budget Blinds

It’s not enough to meet a customer’s expectation. For Clay Tierney and his team at Budget Blinds New Westminster, the goal is much bigger.
Budget Blinds

It’s not enough to meet a customer’s expectation.

For Clay Tierney and his team at Budget Blinds New Westminster, the goal is much bigger.

“It’s a matter of always trying to exceed the expectations of the customer, treating every customer like you’d want to be treated, giving the best service, no matter what product you’re providing for them,” he said.

Tierney, who owns the local franchise with his wife Lacey, says that philosophy has been a guiding force since they opened their doors.

“Every customer is important, and you treat them that way,” he said. “To me, it’s a matter of being able to offer my expertise – I want a customer to use my knowledge and experience to help them make decisions. When I come into someone’s home and I can use what I know to help them save time, money, and to give them something that fits their unique needs, that’s what it’s all about.”

Even if a customer opts not to purchase from him after the complimentary in-house consultation, it’s rewarding to know he has offered help and guidance.

“I’m happy knowing I’ve given them information, and that they’ve been able to use my expertise,” he said.

The company, which opened in New Westminster five years ago, offers a huge spectrum of window treatments, including shutters, blinds, draperies, and shades, which allows them to provide creative and custom solutions for people.

“One of the best parts is that we have relationships with vendors that you can’t get anywhere else, so we can provide unique products that you won’t see elsewhere,” he said. “I love coming in and being able to show people what we can offer and they’re blown away by the options.”

While the company does a significant amount of private residential work, they also offer services for commercial and retail locations. Increasingly, there’s also a demand for products that use motorization and automation.

“We’re really on the leading edge of that,” he said, noting that these products may include apps, timers, remotes and other technology to fit the customer’s needs.

But no matter what is being installed, from the simplest of blinds to the most modern of high-tech solutions, helping a customer beautify their home and create satisfaction in the final product is the goal.

“People are often surprised at what a change it can make – to have the right product in the right place can really change the look and feel of a home,” he said. “We come in and do a consultation and bring the products right in for people to look at and see.”

Their focus on personal service and custom products has proven a successful approach so far. “Referral is a large portion of our business, and that’s really the key to success,” he said. “Some people may find you online but a referral from a happy customer is the best compliment.”

The goal now, says Tierney is to continue growing their reputation and maintaining and exceeding expectations from both prior and new customers.

“One of the great things about us is our warranty, which really tops everything else out there: it’s a no questions asked five-year warranty,” he said. “And we really mean that. It’s quite unique.”

Ultimately, the secret to success, is offering excellence to each customer.

“You need to have incredible customer service and a quality product,” he said. “Plain and simple.”

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