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Profiles of Excellence: A.I.P Services Inc. Career Success for Professionals

Know your worth. Find your niche. Love your work. Realize your dreams. For many people, these are goals that sound wonderful – but all too often impossible.
A.I.P Services

Know your worth. Find your niche. Love your work. Realize your dreams.

For many people, these are goals that sound wonderful – but all too often impossible. For an unemployed professional, who may be battling low confidence while struggling to find a job for the first time in their career, these goals can feel like a slap in the face.

Winnie Furber of A.I.P. Services Inc. has experienced this first-hand.

“I’ve had clients come in very angry, determined that they don’t have enough experience or education. Some of these people have Masters degrees or PhDs. It’s ridiculous. What they need are the right tools to market themselves to an employer.”

That’s where Furber comes in, with a program that focuses on not just getting a job, but renewing her clients’ confidence and their excitement for the future. They may come in discouraged and uncertain, but they leave inspired and confident. Furber loves the transformation.

“I have the same amount of passion, excitement and commitment I had the first day I began my career,” she said. “I worked as an employment counsellor for over 10 years, and I believe there is a real need for this. When employers are travelling to other countries to seek out talent, and we have talent in our own backyard, I think there is a total disconnect. That’s why I started my own company, to address those gaps for professionals.”

Furber specializes in helping professionals from all backgrounds, including new immigrants, new university or college graduates, professionals returning to their career, and professionals who want to advance. They often have one thing in common: they are used to making a high income and being sought by employers, and are in uncharted waters searching for work.

Furber knows how her clients feel, because she’s been there. “I’ve walked in their shoes. I emigrated to a country where I didn’t know the language, didn’t have my credentials recognized, and didn’t have the right experience. When I came back to Canada, I had to start from scratch. Within a month I was working at the most prestigious employment agency in Vancouver.”

Often, she says, people have bad advice or old wisdom that simply won’t serve them to finding a new position, let alone work that is fulfilling. The process can be discouraging without guidance, and people don’t know where to start.

“People say the same things: I have no money, I can’t afford that, I have no time – instead of taking the time to think, breathe, reflect and dream of what they really want. Do not waste your time and money making less than you’re worth.”

Furber sees herself as a guide, with knowledge and expertise, to help people find their own way.

“Excellence means giving the right tools and strategies to ensure success in achieving their life and career goals,” she said. “I hold the client’s hand all the way through the program, but I expect accountability. People take 100% responsibility for their lives.”

Her workshops are based on the Azrin Method – learn, then do – and her clients leave the program with a full toolbox, including branded resumes and cover letters, networking scripts, and information about salary negotiations. However, it’s “doing” that makes all the difference, and brings back the confidence and excitement to take charge of their career.

Furber notes that she hosts regular orientations to give potential clients an overview of her program.

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