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If there’s one word to describe Stacey Firth, it’s passionate.

Or energetic, enthusiastic, happy, strong, and motivated.

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And her goal is to help every single woman who comes in the door at 30 Minute Hit feel exactly the same way she does.

“I started this business because I honestly felt that every woman needs this feeling in their life, and we are here to bring that to them,” said Firth.

She should know: her own experience at 30 Minute Hit was what led her to open the New Westminster location. She was working in commercial real estate when she went in for a free 30-minute trial session in another community.

“I can remember being in there and knowing I had to open one,” she said. “I had tried tons of different fitness programs and this was the only one that gave me this truly intoxicating feeling of empowerment, confidence, and truly delivered on the results I wanted pretty much right away. I wanted every woman to have access to that same feeling.”

Six weeks after that initial workout, she had officially decided to open a 30 Minute Hit – and eight years later, she’s still in love with the workout and the opportunity to work with other women.

30 Minute Hit is unique in the fitness field: it’s a high intensity boxing/kickboxing circuit workout designed specifically for women. Firth says it’s a fast paced, challenging and empowering workout that appeals to all fitness levels, in a non-intimidating and friendly environment.

“I love everything about the workout, the environment and how it makes me feel,” she said. “I love how I feel energized, beautiful and strong after every session. I can honestly say that I am at my absolute happiest when dripping in sweat, surrounded by other amazing women doing the same thing.”

“We’re a welcoming place, you don’t have to be nervous,” she said. “We’re full of women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels and we’re all there for the same reason. You’ll find a whole new version of yourself that you didn’t even know was inside of you when you start the HIT.

Firth gives credit to her staff for their dedication and commitment.

“My wonderful team of instructors are one of a kind,” she said. “The effort that they all put into their roles is outstanding. Our goal, as a team, is that each and every single member that walks in knows that they matter to us.”

She notes that all of the instructors started as members, and understand what newcomers feel like.

“They know what everyone goes through from starting with their free trial nerves, to getting better at their skills, to seeing their results,” she said. “Most of all, they have the passion that makes all the difference. When you’re passionate about something it shines through in your work, and I truly couldn’t ask for a better team.”

Firth says she also feels grateful for the community she gets to work in.

“My husband grew up in New West and I grew up in the small town of Sechelt. I really love the community and the small-town feel that New West has,” she said. “Everyone that lives in New West are noticeably proud to be a part of this vibrant little city and I absolutely love it. It’s got a cozy, close-knit vibe and just feels like home.”

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