Personal skin care: the single most important anti-aging home regime

Cosmetic skincare treatments and corrective procedures can seem painful and expensive to many. While Dr. Steven Blyth of Polo Health and Longevity Centre assures his patients that this isn’t the case, he also encourages them to take measures into their own hands by implementing a regular home-cleansing routine for their skin.

“Cleansing and toning is the first step for preventative anti-aging for your skin,” says Dr. Blyth, “and definitely the number one thing to do at home if you’re serious about proper skin cleansing.”

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According to Dr. Blyth, skin cleansing is a daily—yet simple—two-step process involving a liquid cleanser and skin toner.

“If you’re properly cleansing, you’re cleaning out bacteria that can damage your skin from your pores on a regular basis,” he says. “Over time the top layer of your skin – known as the epidermis – will be filled with this kind of bacteria and it makes your skin look dull or wrinkly. By cleansing and toning your skin, we are removing that unhealthy surface layer and revealing a healthier one.”

If your home skincare regime needs to be taken to the next level, replenishing vitamins and minerals is the logical next step. According to Dr. Blyth, many of his patients integrate a skin-cleanser brush that incorporates mechanical brushes into their home regimes.

“Studies have shown these products to be ten times more efficient than simply cleansing on your own,” he says. “That’s why they’ve become so popular.”

Polo Health and Longevity Centre carries a full line of skincare products and equipment in addition to offering a wide variety of skincare treatments.

To learn more about Dr. Steven Blyth and the Polo Health and Longevity Centre drop by their location at 711 Columbia St., New Westminster, visit their website, send an email to Dr. Blyth or call him directly at 604-544-7656. You can also find Polo Health and Longevity Centre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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