Mastering the art of implant-supported dentures

Brian Ko and Patrick Marcelo of Prime Denture Clinic in New Westminster have mastered the art of creating a tight fit and a stable bite through the use of implant-supported dentures.

While regular dentures rest on the gums, Ko explains, implant-supported dentures, meant primarily for those who have no teeth, connect to titanium rods that have been anchored to the patient’s jaw bone. This provides skilled denturists like Ko and Marcelo with the ability to fit the dentures tightly and securely to the patient’s jaw.  

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“Implant-supported dentures have a more stable fitting surface and also reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs when you don’t have teeth,” says Ko. “This results in dentures that look and function much better than the dentures of the past.”

The denture itself is made of an acrylic base that is designed to look like your gums, and acrylic teeth that look like your natural teeth. The then denture snaps into place on the implants and remains in place more firmly than regular dentures.

“Patients find that it is easier to speak with implant-supported dentures,” says Ko, “and they don’t ever have to worry about their dentures falling out. Patients are often thrilled to discover that they can now eat foods they hadn’t been able to eat in years—though it is still not recommended to eat sticky or hard foods.”

Besides improved appearance and the ability to eat more of the foods you love, implant-supported dentures can help prevent further bone loss and can maintain the integrity of a patient’s facial structure to minimize the effects of aging.

Prime Denture Clinic offers a variety of services depending on the needs of the patient, and they work together with local dentists and oral surgeons to ensure the best possible care.

“If the patient doesn’t already have a dentist, we can recommend one in the area, which also ensures there are no problems with communication between the dentist and denturist,” says Ko.

To find out more about Prime Denture Clinic or to schedule an appointment, visit their location at suite 203 - 624 Sixth Street in New Westminster, browse their website, send an email or call 604-521-6424. 

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