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Is online anonymity possible in this day and age?

We were all taken aback in 2012 because of the mind-blowing revelations of well-known whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

We were all taken aback in 2012 because of the mind-blowing revelations of well-known whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Snowden had previously worked for some well-known intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA, and NSA, who, according to him, had, along with many governments around the globe, been spying on their populations for years.

And because we have embraced the Internet in our lives, their spying tactics have become stronger.

Modern spying tools allow surveillance agencies to keep a check on whatever we do online. They can check what websites we visit, the people we talk to, and even our chat conversations.

And if that doesn’t satisfy them, they can also hack into our home cameras - even the cameras installed on our devices - and can monitor us via live video-feeds.

Creepy, isn’t it?

Imagine how many times you’ve placed your phone camera in front of you while changing clothes.

According to Snowden, all this data has been forwarded to these intelligence agencies.

In worst case scenarios, this information has been used to blackmail victims.

If you want to stop a stranger from viewing your intimate moments, then the following steps would go a long way in keeping you safe and anonymous on the Internet:

1. Get a VPN

For complete online security and anonymity, it’s recommend you install a VPN as soon as you can.

If you look at Snowden’s revelations you will come to realize most of the surveillance threats happen because the intelligence agencies have the power to monitor our online traffic. Therefore, keep your online traffic as private as possible. This can be achieved with a VPN which uses encryption so strong even the most powerful hackers and surveillance agencies cannot break through.

PureVPN provides this service which offers important anonymity features, including secure Wi-Fi, an Internet kill switch, and more.

PureVPN also has apps available for all platforms. You can download them and remain completely anonymous.

The VPN provider has received positive feedback for its unparalleled features, as well as performance. It has garnered highest ratings on TrustPilot, CNET, etc.

2. Configure the privacy settings of your browser

Keeping the security and privacy settings of your browser and your device configured is vital.

If the wrong options are used, your online privacy can be at risk.

Visit the settings section of your device and block third-party cookies and other such options to keep your online activities anonymous.

3. Keep your apps updated

Keeping your apps updated is important. It’s even better to turn on auto-update option if it’s available.


Most apps have bugs and loopholes hidden inside them. Hackers try to exploit them and gain access to your data. Thankfully, the owners of these apps continually try to locate these loopholes and cover them up with patches. These patches are released alongside app updates, which is why updating your apps is so important.

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