International Dining Stars

Here in New Westminster it seems we have an endless array of culinary options to choose from. Many of these represent cultures from around the globe. Whether you are craving Chinese, Italian, Greek or French, casual or high-end, you’ll find an eatery to suit you.

As one of the Lower Mainland’s first communities, New Westminster is home to a number of established, family-run eateries that have been in operation for decades. There are also a selection of chain restaurants. Many of these eateries are filled with regular guests who flock from New Westminster’s residential neighbourhoods.

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Along with these stalwarts comes a variety of new culinary offerings in parts of New Westminster that are undergoing growth and development, including the Sapperton area.

Whether you eat out everyday or you reserve it for a special occasion, you want to know that the restaurant you’re spending your hard-earned dollars and valuable time on is going to provide an excellent dining experience which includes great customer service and a pleasing ambiance.

But how do you decide where to dine for a special occasion such as a first date or a celebratory family dinner? What about a casual weeknight meal?

You could ask a friend, co-worker or family member for a recommendation but it’s always good to have an expert opinion. That’s where the New West Record’s International Dining Stars list comes in.

We’ve taken the time to survey the culinary scene and curate a list of some of New Westminster’s top dining spots here

Whether you’re looking for New Wesminster’s best sushi spot, a lively breakfast bistro or a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant, we have a recommendation for you.

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