In-clinic treatment promises to get rid of lice in about an hour

Most parents will experience it: That call or letter from school to tell them their child has lice. Saea Vivian remembers it well. “I did everything I was supposed to do to eradicate the lice in my daughter’s hair, but nothing worked,” she says. “Then we visited a head lice clinic in the US where my brother lived. My daughter was lice free in an hour. It was amazing.”

The clinic used a patented medical device called AirAllé, which uses microprocessed heated air to dehydrate the lice and their eggs, killing them completely, and is FDA and Health Canada cleared. Astonished that this treatment wasn’t available in Canada, Vivian decided to bring the technology here by opening two Lice Clinics of Canada offices in Greater Vancouver. “People travel from all over the province, or further, for an appointment. I even get enquiries in the middle of the night,” says Vivian. “It is stressful for families who have lice, and they don’t want to wait to get rid of them.”

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Conventional treatments involve pesticides and insecticides, but science has proven that lice have become resistant. They are also irritating to sensitive scalps, and require multiple treatments as only the live lice are killed, leaving eggs behind alive. Other options, such as combing, are labour intensive, time consuming, and stressful.

Lice Clinics of Canada offers two treatments using AirAllé. The Signature Service ($200 per service) involves a three-step system: an AirAllé session taking roughly 30 minutes, a thorough comb-out of the debris, and finally an active rinse application. A complimentary follow-up session, usually one week later, is also included. Providing every member of the family is seen, this comes with a 14-day guarantee. The Express Service ($165) comprises the same 3-step process; the AirAllé session, has a shorter comb out, and active rinse application, but no guarantee. Vivian likens the device experience to a heated head massage. The clinics use salon-standard hygiene and sterilisation ensuring there’s no cross-contamination.

Other services include Head Checks ($25 first person, $15 for additional) where a trained technician thoroughly examines the head for signs of lice or eggs, and a range of take-home products, all of which are pesticide- and insecticide-free. “We’re here to help in any way we can, including providing information and preventative strategies. We take helping families seriously,” Vivian says.

Lice Clinics of Canada has clinics in Langley and New Westminster. To find out more, visit

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