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How to determine if laser eye surgery is right for you

Should you opt for laser eye surgery or stick with lenses? We caught up with Dr.

Should you opt for laser eye surgery or stick with lenses?

We caught up with Dr. Errin Bligh, one of eight Doctors of Optometry at FYidoctors in New Westminster, for her thoughts on what factors you need to consider before deciding if laser eye surgery is right for you.

“Laser eye surgery has become increasingly popular and accessible, as more and more people are candidates,” says Dr. Bligh. “The technology is rapidly improving and we now have over 20 years of experience with it, so now it’s a matter of looking at a patient’s specific eye care needs.”

Located in the Royal City Centre, FYidoctors follows specific procedures when determining if a patient is the right candidate for laser eye surgery.

The first step is to evaluate the eyes’ overall health by examining the eyes’ multiple components, and monitor the stability of the eyewear prescription. Laser eye surgery may not be recommended if a prescription has changed in the last two years.

“This generally eliminates children, and for good reason,” says Dr. Bligh. “No one wants to need glasses again because their prescription has changed. We need to make sure your eyes are healthy and stable before recommending laser eye surgery.”

“If you’ve reached that point, weighing the costs is another consideration”, says Dr. Bligh. Is the cost of eye surgery less than a lifetime of new glasses and contacts? The answer depends on the age and visual needs of the patient.

Once you’ve opted for laser eye surgery, it’s important to understand the limitations of the procedure. “Realistically, some patients may not achieve full freedom from glasses or contacts for all tasks,” says Dr. Bligh.  Older people who undergo laser eye surgery may have already been prescribed reading glasses.

“And they will likely still need reading glasses after laser eye surgery,” Dr. Bligh says.

Interested? To learn more about laser eye surgery and find out if it’s right for you, contact the Doctors of Optometry at FYidoctors at 604-522-6929, by email or by visiting their website.