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FYidoctors: the latest in eye technology

Located in the Royal City Centre in New Westminster, eye care clinic FYidoctors takes a modern approach to patient care.

Located in the Royal City Centre in New Westminster, eye care clinic FYidoctors takes a modern approach to patient care.

With a staff that’s as diverse as its clientele, the team at FYidoctors offers a long list of services including comprehensive eye health examinations, glaucoma testing, contact lenses, and children’s eye care, in as many as 10 different languages.  They are the proud recipient of the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Inclusion Excellence Award.

“There’s always someone here who can relate to a patient,” says Dr. Errin Bligh, an optometrist at FYidoctors. “Eye care and choosing eyewear is personal so it helps to have optometrists and opticians with different perspectives and styles.”

And an all-female team of eight Doctors of Optometry brings an added layer of distinctiveness to the clinic.

“It’s pretty unique in the healthcare field,” says Dr. Bligh. “We have a reputation for taking that extra time with our patients and listening carefully to their needs.”

In order to deliver the best possible service and leading-edge treatment, the clinic invests heavily in the latest technology for exams and manufacturing lenses.

It’s currently the only clinic in New Westminster to use Optomap™ retinal imaging, for example, which assists doctors with early detection of eye diseases and other health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Eyes are individual organs that are an extension of the brain,” explains Dr. Bligh. “So they reflect what’s going on in the body. That’s why it’s so important to check the health of your eyes. It’s not uncommon for the signs of a health condition to show in the eyes first.”

FYidoctors also offers state-of-the-art contact lenses and a wide range of affordable designer frames.

With the help of highly sophisticated technology, their diverse team of eye care experts ensures a seamless patient experience, regardless of your vision needs. 

To find out more about FYidoctors, visit, call 604-522-6929, or email