Four trends in funeral planning

Just like wedding trends, varying funeral rituals and décor ebb and flow. Here are four we’re seeing in memorial and funeral planning, according to Andrew Knapman Location Manager of Burnaby’s Forest Lawn Funeral Home.

1.     Cremation is becoming more and more popular as opposed to a more traditional burial or mausoleum interment. “B.C. has one of the highest cremation rates in North America because of space concerns … Also, the further West you go, the less traditional people tend to be,” Knapman explains. That said, a lot of people are purchasing cemetery property for cremation so that families have a site at which to visit their loved ones.

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2.     These days many people are taking a proactive approach to their funeral planning by arranging many of the logistics—from the music to flowers to ceremony rituals—before they pass on. Not only does this help take the burden off of loved ones, it also ensures that you are remembered the way you want to be.

3.     There’s also a trend towards putting a more optimistic spin on what has traditionally been a sad event by planning a Celebration of Life, where a person’s accomplishments, contributions and passions are the focus of the occasion. “It can be a time to memorialize you and talk about the stories that surround you,” says Knapman.

4.     In terms of funeral service ideas, many people are foregoing the traditional church ceremony and personalizing the event. “We try to encourage clients to think outside the box,” says Knapman. Often, that means incorporating symbols of your loved one’s passions into the event. For one family that meant driving the funeral hearse around a race track to commemorate a person who had a deep love of car racing, says Knapman.

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