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We live in a world where transparency and authenticity have become invaluable brand traits a consumer expects when selecting a product. Well, what is more transparent and authentic than making your own product?

Located at the historic waterfront saloon district in New Westminster, The Wine Factory, which opened in June of 1994, was the city’s first and is now its only remaining consumer-made wine shop.

The Wine Factory moved to downtown New Westminster six years ago, after seventeen years in its original uptown location, and has been avidly exposing locals to the joy of make-it-yourself wine production while also linking the community in a creative and productive environment.

“You have to be here, you have to come into the store because you are the maker of the wine,” said owner Harm Woldring. “If you like wine, which according to many is healthy for you in moderation, making it yourself has lots of advantages.”

This inclusivity is one of the main reasons Woldring believes his store has been so successful, because it allows people from all kinds of different backgrounds to produce something they can be proud to consume and share with friends and family without the expense and bother of purchasing the equipment, creating a space and undertaking the process on their own. Of course, if you want to do it at home they’d be happy to help equip you and supply you with juice products of your choice.

Making your own wine with The Wine Factory can cost you as little as half the price of bottled or bag-in-a-box wine you buy in a store. The Wine Factory’s products are also uniquely vegan and contain far fewer sulphites and sorbates that commercial products. Typically, their customers reuse their bottles for years rather than disposing of them after one use, a far more environmentally friendly choice.

The Wine Factory has over 250 different varieties of shelf-stable juices from around the world for you to choose from to make your own high-quality wines, coolers and ciders. Although often seen as a luxury product, wine is a staple part of millions of people’s daily lifestyles. “Customers returning from trips to Europe often comment that wine is cheaper there than water, coffee or other common beverages,” said Woldring.

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If wine is a part of your lifestyle you should consider making your own, drop into their store, visit the Wine Factory website or give them a call at 604-540-8907.

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