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Doreen Hill spent many years in the corporate world and is familiar with all the aches and pains we feel after a long day.

“Pain can be caused by tight, knotted muscles, an injury, or sitting at a desk job all day,” says Doreen.

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For many of us, acupuncture is the last thing we think of when we’re in pain and Doreen notes that many of her patients come to her as a last resort. Often it’s because there’s a misconception that acupuncture hurts.

“The needle is as thin as a human hair,” she explains. “The length can vary, but the diameter is always about the size of a hair. Acupuncture is virtually painless.”

What exactly is acupuncture?

“Acupuncture is all about moving the energy, opening blockages and rebalancing the body,” Doreen says. “That energy is our life force, our spirit; it’s what makes our heart pound. And it’s that key ingredient to life that we lose when we die.”

Working with the body’s energy, Doreen can identify an imbalance in the energy flow, which is what leads to the pain and even the onset of disease.

“My job is to bring that imbalance back into alignment—and then the body takes over and does the healing,” Doreen says. “The body is programmed for health and not sickness.”

In addition to treating painful muscle and joint conditions, various internal health related conditions such as migraines, women’s health, digestive disorders and the like, Doreen also specializes in natural, holistic, non-invasive anti-aging and beauty treatments.

“I use various treatment modalities,” she says, “such as needle and non-needle acupuncture, massage, herbal prescriptions, and homeopathic remedies. Anti-aging and facial treatments are strictly non-needle and consist of high quality, results oriented products that do not include fillers or synthetic ingredients. I only carry top quality products because my patients deserve the very best products available.”

For more information on Doreen Hill Acupuncture, visit her office at 630-5th Street, New Westminster, check out her website at, drop her an email at, or give her a call at 778.231.2565. You can also find Doreen Hill Acupuncture on Facebook.

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