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Dentist’s commitment to gentle care helps patients find their ‘dental home’

Queen’s Park Dental goes above and beyond to ensure client comfort
Dr. Stephanie Saran

Stephanie Saran says she enjoys living a life full of purpose.

It’s been a prime motivator for her since she was young and a big reason why she chose to go into the field of dentistry.

Now, as the newest member of the team at Queen’s Park Dental in New Westminster, she is pleased to bring to the practice her enthusiasm and commitment to serve the needs of all her patients.

“I’ve always wanted to be of use to people,” Saran says. “That’s just a personality trait of mine. And I was always determined that, whatever career I chose, it was something I deemed worthy.”

Through dentistry, Saran says she has the opportunity to affect and evoke positive change in peoples’ lives.

“This profession, a lot of it addresses a patient’s functionality and self-esteem by being able to help them enjoy their food and smile,” she says. “And knowing I have the ability to help someone with that is very important and fulfilling to me.”

A big part of her role is catering to anxious patients who may have previously had negative experiences.

“Unfortunately, most people only come to the dentist when they are in pain, and sometimes what we do to help creates more pain,” Saran says.

Thankfully, Saran, and the rest of the team at Queen’s Park Dental, use specialized techniques to reduce patient anxiety to make their visit as stress-free as possible.

“That’s so important, especially with young children, because their dental ‘home’ - a place where they can feel safe and relaxed - begins at an early age and reduces the likelihood they will be an anxious patient as an adult,” she continues.

“Being able to create that setting for a life of dental care makes me feel very proud of what I do.”

While advances in technology help provide patients with increased comfort, the type of “chair side” manner by a dentist is also crucial.

“A big part of what I do is ensuring the comfort of the patient by making them feel in control and that I am there to help them,” Saran says. “A patient’s experience, and building a positive relationship with them, has always been my main concern so that trust with their dentist lasts a lifetime.”

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