Craft wine: why make your own?

We go through much of our lives wandering through the grocery store or liquor store and selecting items without considering the simple question: ‘could I make this myself?’

With so many products being mass-produced, misrepresented and mixed with harmful agents, now is the best time to take up craft wine-making!

Like growing your own herbs or using a community garden, producing your own wine is a great way to learn about what goes into your product, where your product is handled and what costs are associated with producing a product.

At the Wine Factory, they know people lead busy lives, but they think that everyone can benefit from making and producing their own wine. Here are a few reasons why you should try craft wine making:

Quality – At the Wine Factory, they offer shelf stable juices from regions worldwide for you to choose from. They have over 250 types of juices; red, white and rose to suit your taste preferences.

Vegan – Virtually all commercial wines contain some sort of animal by-product. At The Wine Factory, they have never used those products. They discard the supplied gelatin based clearing agents that contain animal proteins derived from the swim bladders of fish or the parts of various types of shellfish. Their wines are, and have always been, vegan.

Affordability – One batch costs roughly $135 to $270 for 30 bottles, depending on the quality of the juice you choose, with the real savings coming from the non-taxable status of consumer-made fermented alcoholic beverages like wine. Unlike the liquor store, most of your money here goes into the cost of the juice not the approximately 80% government markups of the liquor store.

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Eco-Friendly – Most commercial wines are shipped in single use glass bottles, arguably one of the least environmentally friendly types of packaging. The Wine Factory’s customers re-use their bottles, often for years or even decades. All the store asks is that you clean your bottles before bringing them in to fill. In the past decade or so, as the population has become increasingly urbanized, bag-in-a-box (BIB) packaging has become very popular in the wine industry. The Wine Factory has been offering a BIB solution to their customers for over seven years.

The Wine Factory welcomes groups of all sizes and encourages parties to book their special event together. Additionally, ask about the wedding package for a memorable, affordable and unique party experience.

For more information, visit the Wine Factory website or give them a call at 604-540-8907.

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