Alleviating anxiety through clinical counselling

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident that's left you anxious, worried, or afraid to get behind the wheel again? Maggie Callander is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) offering clinical counselling through the Royal City Health & Manual Therapy clinic in New Westminster.

"I often help clients who have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident (MVA)," Maggie says. "When they experience fear and anxiety about driving again, it delays their return to work."

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Drawing on several therapeutic modalities to tailor a program for each individual, Maggie's ultimate goal is to help clients feel valued and to learn appropriate ways to express feelings and emotions.

"Our foundational approach at Royal City Health is a multi therapeutic approach respecting each individual’s needs. Clinical counselling has been shown to assist clients in the recovery from MVA-related anxiety.

"The fear of driving that results from an MVA can have a devastating effect on a client's life," Maggie notes. "Counselling in a safe environment can help alleviate the anxiety or depression and help the client get their life back."

Royal City Health & Manual Therapy provides a multidisciplinary, integrated wellness model with clinical counselling as one component. The clinic also has a fully equipped gym for therapeutic exercises and offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic services.

"Very often, clients who have suffered an injury and are in pain feel uncertain of the future and suffer from depression," says Jeanie Bezdan, co-owner of Royal City Health & Manual Therapy along with her partner, Rick Tkach. "At Royal City Health, our experienced practitioners are able to provide healing for the body, through massage, physio, and chiropractic treatments, and we can help clients cope with their feelings and emotions through clinical counselling."

While appointments are required for clinical counselling and other programs at At Royal City Health, the clinic welcomes drop-in visits for general questions about the various therapies or programs.

"Our front desk staff are both friendly and knowledgeable," says Jeanie, "and they're happy to answer enquiries with the option of booking an appointment at a future time."

For an appointment with a clinical counsellor at Royal City Health, call 604.524.4446, visit the website, send them an email, or stop by the clinic at 210-610 Sixth Street, New Westminster. Royal City Health can also be found on Facebook.

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