6 ways this new restaurant caters to everyone

Allergies and intolerances are increasingly common, and everyone wants to eat healthy in a different way. How can you satisfy all your friends and family? Auxi Foods Kitchen + Coffee Bar.

1. Options for all preferences

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If you’re paleo, how about the Superfood Bowl, a mix of spiced sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, roasted vegetables, hemp hearts and spinach puree? Keto fans might like the Power Up salad, which includes hard-boiled egg, pulled chicken, spiced sunflower seeds, feta cheese, smoked paprika and tomato dressing. There are also plenty of options that are plant-based and dairy-friendly.


2. Allergy and intolerance friendly

“The entire menu is gluten friendly, except for the wraps, and we’re hoping to switch over to a gluten-free variety in the future,” says creative director, Jocelyn Wong. “We’re also extremely conscious about allergies. Much of our menu is dairy-free. If you have a peanut allergy, just tell us when you order and we’ll sanitize the workspace to prevent cross-contamination. Because we make everything fresh on the premises, from the marinated meats to the pickled cabbage, we know exactly what ingredients are used in our menu items so you can order with confidence.”


3. Completely customizable

You can add, subtract or substitute anything to the items on the menu, which include wraps, salads, bowls, snacks and drinks. That means if you’re paleo, but like the look of a rice bowl, you can ask them to remove the grains and increase how much of everything else you get.


4. Veggie and vegan

Many of the salads and bowls come without animal ingredients and you can also add tempeh if you want to up the protein quota.


5. Fresh ingredients

Ingredients are always fresh and organic where possible. Chicken is free run and beef is locally sourced.


6. Available at home

You can order from Auxi’s Queensborough restaurant or get online delivery. The restaurant has just started a meal subscription service throughout the Lower Mainland. How it works: Input your goals, needs and preferences on the website and depending on what you want to achieve, you’ll either get a menu, or a meeting with a nutritionist where you can figure out how to get to where you want to be, whether that’s a 10lb weight loss on a veggie, keto diet, or a 10lb bulk while counting macros. “It’s all about making sure anyone can feel their best, nourished self,” says Wong.

Auxi Foods is at 1110 Ewen Avenue. To see the menu and make reservations, visit Auxifoods.com. For regular updates, follow Auxi Foods on social media (@AuxiFoods).

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