5 things you didn’t know about dentures

1.  What are the advantages?

There are many benefits to wearing dentures, according to Quan Gifford, founder of New West Dentureworks. “Dentures can help improve your chewing ability and help prevent natural teeth from shifting. They give a natural appearance to the face and will help support lips and cheeks so they don’t collapse,” she says. “Wearing dentures can even help with speech – there’s often an improvement in pronunciation when you replace missing teeth. Finally, there’s self-esteem: having teeth can boost one’s confidence in social interactions.”

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2.  How can we look after them?

Plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth so daily cleaning is recommended, either with chemical products or mechanical methods. You can also visit your Denturist for deep cleaning and polishing of your dentures. “It is important to care for and maintain a clean denture because in time the build-up can pose a risk of development of fungal infections,” says Gifford.


3.  What if they don’t feel stable?

As well as daily cleaning, dentures need thorough maintenance every two or three years. “People don’t realize that basic services can reinforce the stability and retention of the denture,” says Gifford. “The ridges in our mouths are constantly changing and resorbing (deteriorating) over time, so dentures may no longer fit or feel stable. Relining (reshaping the underside of a denture) is one way to deal with this. There are other options for a better fitting, more stable denture, such as dentures over implants, and your Denturist can provide options and solutions for this.”


4.  How can implants and dentures be combined?

Implants can be surgically placed in the ridge and dentures can be snapped onto them with an attachment. “This technology can improve the patient’s eating experience, as well as increasing retention and stability and preventing bone loss,” says Gifford.


5.  Why see a Denturist?

“Making dentures can be challenging – there are many elements that must be understood,” Gifford says. She believes it takes patience and experience to do a great job, so it may be in patients’ best interests to seek a Denturist.  “A Denturist is a professional who sees patients that need any kind of dentures, relines or repairs,” she says. “He or she will not only take the impressions, but make the entire denture in his or her own laboratory.” Gifford, a Denturist with 18 years’ experience, sees patients in her Seventh Street clinic and also visits elderly people living in care homes.

New West Dentureworks is located at #270 - 522 Seventh Street, New Westminster. For more information, visit www.newwestdentureworks.com or call 604-553-1222.

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