5 of the biggest myths about dentures

Denture technology and techniques have come a long way in recent years; however, several of the myths about dentures continue to circulate. We reached out to Brian Ko and Patrick Marcelo of Prime Denture Clinic in New Westminster to set the record straight.

“For those who have few or no teeth remaining, dentures are an excellent option,” says Marcelo. “As denturists, we make sure patients understand the facts and explain the best options so that they can make an informed decision.”

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According to Marcelo, here are 5 of the biggest myths about dentures:

1.Dentures are difficult to clean: In fact, dentures are easier to clean than crowns, bridges or even natural teeth, because you can take them out and have easier access to them. “We also offer professional cleanings,” says Marcelo. “And we provide a lot of information to patients on how to clean their dentures more efficiently. It’s not hard to do.”

2. Dentures can get loose or fall out: Implant-supported dentures have eliminated this concern, says Marcelo, because they snap on to anchors embedded in the jaw and remain stable and tight. “We guarantee they will fit,” he says. “And if they should loosen over time, there are things we can do to make them tight again.”

3. Dentures are only for the elderly: “We’ve created dentures for people as young as 19,” Marcelo says. “They may have different options available to them but if the patient wants dentures, we can do that.”

4. Dentures will last for life: Prime Denture Clinic recommends replacing your dentures every five-to-seven years. Just like natural teeth, dentures will wear down and stain over time. “The tissue in your mouth and jawbone changes constantly,” says Marcelo. “As a result, your dentures will require adjusting and rebasing periodically so that they continue to fit comfortably and securely.”

5. Once you receive dentures, you do not have to go to the denturist anymore: “You will need to see your denturist at least once a year so your dentures can be adjusted, which will help you avoid any potential problems down the road,” says Marcelo. “You should also see your denturist at the first sign of any irritation or frequent sore spots on your gums.”

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