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4 ways to support pregnant women and new moms

While giving birth is a positive life-changing experience, making it through pregnancy and ensuring your baby has a good start in life can be a challenge.

While giving birth is a positive life-changing experience, making it through pregnancy and ensuring your baby has a good start in life can be a challenge. Royal City Health & Manual Therapy takes a holistic and integrative approach to wellness at all life stages, with a special focus on the needs of pregnant women, new moms and their babies.

With a team of professionals trained in counseling, chiropractic health, physiotherapy, nutrition, and massage therapy, Royal City Health offers a number of services to help women through all stages of their pregnancy and post-partum days.

Here are four ways their clinic can offer support:

1.     Comfortable clinic visits  

Royal City Health offers a special padding in their clinic that allows women to comfortably lay face down to relieve back pain and pressure. "Feedback from expectant mothers is that they enjoy the ability to lie comfortably face down, especially if that is their usual sleep position prior to pregnancy," says Jeanie Bezdan, co-owner of Royal City Health and a Registered Massage Therapist. "The padding can also be adjusted to provide support and comfort for lying on the side."

2.     Dealing with Diastasis Recti

A condition that's commonly experienced by pregnant or post partum women, diastasis recti involves the separation of the abdominal muscle into two halves.

"It's common in women with multiple pregnancies due to the repeated stretching of the abdominal walls," explains Nikhita Jain, a physiotherapist with Royal City Health. "We offer physiotherapy exercises that target the pelvic floor and your breathing, we find that progressive core exercises are highly beneficial for this condition.” Their team also provides education on proper posture and body mechanics that can help to avoid the back pain that can result from diastasis recti.

3.     Avoiding urinary incontinence

Post partum bladder leakage is a common condition due to the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles. "It's very common in cases with prolonged labour and forceps delivery," says Nikhita. "Physiotherapy interventions such as the knack technique, pelvic floor muscle training and bladder training can help women avoid incontinence."

4.     Learning baby massage

Designed for babies from birth to nine months, Royal City Health offers two private one-hour infant massage sessions to promote parent-baby bonding and stress-relief for babies.

"Infant massage is an effective way to help relieve painful colic symptoms, stimulate growth, and promote relaxation for both baby and parent," Jeanie says.

Jeanie demonstrates the various techniques on a doll and then leads the parents through the various steps as they massage their own baby.

For more information about Royal City Health's services, call 604.524.4446, visit their website, email them directly, or stop by the clinic at 210-610 Sixth Street, New Westminster. Royal City Health can also be found on Facebook.